Enterprise solution for Cablex

Cablex specializes in the construction, maintenance and operation of high-performance ICT and network infrastructure solutions as well as the planning and implementation of future-oriented smart infrastructure projects and is one of the largest service providers in Switzerland.

In order to implement and offer complex infrastructures and services throughout Switzerland with its approximately 2,500 employees, there is a need to optimize the flow of information. Although the central ERP system is the core of the IT infrastructure, much of the content in individual projects is still document-oriented and processed manually.

With the enterprise solution based on DocGenie®, project documents are now also managed automatically.

Various business cases from different departments were successfully tested with proof-of-concepts, whereby these were already developed by Cablex personnel:

  • Capture of site survey protocols for cell tower construction via tablet/smartphone.
  • Pre-capture and rule-based preparation of data for SAP documents
  • Workflow and mutliprovider management for the management (IMACD) of workplace infrastructure such as workplaces, phones, printers, network devices
  • Workflows for the management of eMobility charging infrastructures such as inspections, maintenance and repair orders
  • Rule-based checklists for different use cases, e.g. project setup


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