The user-friendly portal of the SKOS guidelines, which has been activated since 2021, has been extended by another cantonal member: The Bernese Conference for Social Welfare BKSE including its 35 members.

The manual of the BKSE, which is divided into 118 keywords (each in 2 languages), as well as the individual extensions of the 35 members were migrated 100% from a Typo3 content management system.

For this purpose, the previous HTML content was automatically transferred into Word documents, which are now used for the administration of the keywords and their versions. At the time of the migration, a total of 386 individual versions existed.

Die BKSE-Stichworte werden über einen zentralen Verteilschlüssel den SKOS-Richtlinien zugordnet. Die Administration sowie Versionierung der Stichworte erfolgt selbstständig durch das BKSE-Personal, indem pro Stichwort und Sprache ein nutzerfreundliches Word-Dokument gepflegt und hochgeladen wird.

The 35 BKSE members can add their own content and explanations to the BKSE keywords in a separate column. They also have the option to introduce new, completely own keywords. Also here a separate Word document per language is maintained and uploaded.  

A keyword can be assigned to several SKOS guidelines, but only needs to be maintained once. The keyword directory automatically adjusts to the keywords of the BKSE.

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