In close cooperation with SECO, a new online form process for the efficient processing of applications for short-time work compensation was made available to the unemployment insurance funds within a very short period of time. All that is required is the integration of a hyperlink into your own website.

The solution was demonstrated in a live demo (watch the video) at the 6th Weblaw Forum on May 28, 2020.

See also success story: Digitization of short-time work applications at SECO

The online form enables a cooperation between the applicant and his unemployment fund completely without media break.

In contrast to classic e-forms, the form process does not end with the capture and electronic submission, but now unfolds its collaborative effect.

Bi-directional collaboration

The automatically assigned clerk at an unemployment fund can communicate directly with the applicant via the form and thus efficiently report that, for example, an enclosure is missing or a certain value is in question.

The applicant then receives a notification with a request for correction and makes the appropriate adjustments and/or confirms his or her entries.

The history of each changed value (or each supplement) is visually traceable - on screen and in the PDF.


The applicant registers himself the first time he uses it and sets his own password.

Regardless of the registration status, the application is always made available to the applicant as a PDF for download.

Automatic import into system

On the part of the unemployment fund, an automatic import into the storage system takes place when an application is completed.

Settlement in the following month

If an applicant has registered, the application will be easier for him in the following month because his company data is already known. In this way, he can submit any department and/or accounting period very efficiently.

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